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The pig man’s strength is the “C” debut. The whole process is unveiled at the Guangdong Spring Festival Gala. date:2019-06-25browse:2529

  On February 5, 2019 (New Year's Day), Guangdong Shengsheng Animation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "詠聲動漫")'s original anime IP "Pig Man", as "Happy Passing Ambassador" with many star guests Taiwan helped the 2019 Guangdong Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala to send a happy and auspicious New Year greeting to the national audience.

 (Pigman debut 2019 Guangdong Satellite TV Spring Festival Evening)

2019 Chinese Zodiac Year, Pig and Pigman strive to create a pig year event

  At the scene of the Guangdong Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala, “Pig Pig Man” took the “Leading the Year of the Pig and Passing Happiness” as the focus of the whole audience. The “Happiness Relay Ambassador” shared the New Year’s vision collected from various regions and industries in Guangdong Province. At the same time, we shuttled through the fascinating annual programs of Guangfu, Hakka, Chaoshan and Leizhou, bringing a festive and auspicious Lingnan New Year party to the star guests and audiences.

(Pigman brings the new year vision of Guangdong Province to the national audience.)

(Pigman and Feifei incarnation "Happiness Passing Ambassador")

  During the Spring Festival, the sound of anime was carefully planned with the "National Little Red Pig, Chinese Year of Love" as the "Pig Pig" IP brand year-round brand marketing theme, linking the traditional 11th District of Guangzhou City with the Spring Festival and the Ai Flower Market to "Pig Pigs" Based on the IP image, Xia’s IP image was integrated and organized, and the “Looking for Pigs and Pigs” was held. The fancy helped Guangzhou Spring Flower Market to share the New Year folk festivals. At the same time, the sound and animation teamed up. Mama,, travel and other budget platforms have launched the “Chen Pig Man” as the theme of the “Chen Pig Man” theme in the various amusement parks, scenic spots, zoos, etc., and strive to be friends of all sizes across the country. We will create a feast of the Year of the Pig.

(Pig Man appeared in Guangzhou Yingchunhua City)

(Pigman theme event)

As a household name, "Pig Pig Man", the strength plays the role of "C"

  "Pig Pig Man" is an original 3D animation series created by the sound of anime. Since its launch in 2005, it has been with you for 14 years. Its positive and courageous, guarding dreams, perseverance and other positive and positive spiritual connotations affect the audience at home and abroad. It has long been a well-known star IP. It is worth mentioning that in December 2018, the sound of Anime and Malaysian Astro took the opportunity of cooperation with the Year of the Pig to reach a strategic cooperation agreement for the Year of the Pig. "Pig Man" officially became the 20th Malaysian Astro New Year mascot.

("Courage toot" Pig Pig New Year album)

  In the past 2018, the animation series "Pig Pigman", "Pig Heroes", "Pig Pig's Global Diary", etc., have been loved and followed by the audience. . Since the launch of the series of "Pig Pigs' Little Heroes" series, the broadcast area has covered more than 150 TV stations nationwide. The TV ratings have long been ranked in the prime time of the major cartoon TV stations in the prime time, and the total amount of Internet broadcast in the country is even higher. Breaking through 2 billion. At the same time, he was nominated for the 23rd Asian TV Awards in 2018, which is known as the “Amy Award” in the Asian TV industry. He won the best children's program nomination in one fell swoop. The Pig Pigman's Foreign Book “Pig Pig's Global Diary” won the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television. Recommended "excellent domestic TV animation". Under the eager anticipation of the audience at home and abroad, the series of "Pigs" and the big movies will gradually land on overseas platforms.

  In 2019, Pig Pigman's new science journal series "Pig Pig Dinosaur Diary" and "Pig Pig Race Racing Hero" with adventure, action and sci-fi as the main elements will also meet with the audience.

Anime "IP+" trend, humming animation, comprehensive layout, brand authorization market

  Entering 2019, under the background of the "Internet +" society, "Anime IP+" is rising, and the content industry is also facing a new era. Many animation IPs carry out cooperative development of different dimensions through different brands and cross-border forms, and pursue the development of brand maximization.

  At present, as the most powerful and influential original animation leading enterprise in China, Haosheng Animation has established a mature industrial structure and a strong resource matrix with decades of corporate culture brand, and has built TV animation and animated films. An all-industry chain operation platform for the coordinated development of animation stage plays, theme parks, and derivative products. With the continuous expansion of the animation industry market, the brand licensing trend of diversification, youthfulness and entertainment has already replaced the traditional and single brand commercialization licensing section.

(Pigman Theme Park)

(Pigman car town)

  In terms of brand authorization cooperation, the sound-looking animation has a forward-looking vision to fully deploy the animation market, and continues to attract audiences with rich IP content, and constantly explore the commercial value of IP-based entertainment-derived peripherals; among them, “Pig Pigman” animation IP For example, in the field of brand licensing, brand image licensing and self-developed derivative products cover more than 50 industry sectors such as toys, food, games, and travel, and the annual retail market value of derivative products exceeds 4 billion.

(Pigman Star Theme Buffet Restaurant)

(Pig Man Cool Travel Family Room)

  Along with the rapid development of domestic cultural consumption and content consumption market, the proportion of animation industry in the Internet and cultural industries has steadily increased, and the market of 100 billion animation market has arrived. In 2019, the sound animation will grasp the development prospects of the vast animation industry and open up more market possibilities. Next, it will carry out high-quality integrated marketing of its own brand resources, and lay out the animation industry market in a diversified manner to create "Pig Pigman". "The outbreak of IP has further contributed to the continuous development of the Chinese animation market.

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